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If you book onto the 4-day comprehensive course will receive a 50% discount on any subsequent 1-Day intensive course.
1-Day Intensive Course

Perfect for those short on time, this course focuses on high-yield examination cases.

Every examination station
Clinical consultation
16 Patients with great signs
1 Mini-mock exam
Post-course mentorship

5th October: Tickets Available
21st September:
Tickets Available
1st June:
Sold out!
3rd February:
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In-person & virtual
4-Day Comprehensive Course

Provides thorough coverage of all stations, ensuring you are fully prepared for every aspect of the PACES exam.

Every examination station
Extensive clinical consultation teaching
40 Patients with great clinical signs
1-Day virtual communication teaching
1 Mini-mock exam
Post-course mentorship

3rd-6th October: Tickets Available
19th-22nd September:
Limited Tickets

unlock your potential

PACES: 1-Day Intensive & 4-Day Comprehensive Courses

We have taught 600+ doctors since 2023. We offer 1 and 4 day courses to suit your learning needs!

1:1 patient-to-instructor ratio
No more than 2 candidates at the bedside
Upto 40 patients with great signs
Every station covered including clinical consultations
Bespoke course book
Money back guarantee*
Doctors trained since 2023
Unbeatable patient:instructor ratio

PACES: 1-Day Intensive & 4-Day Comprehensive Courses

Location: Guy's Hospital, London Bridge

Intensive Course (Guy's Hospital)

21st September & 5th October (9am - 6pm)

This is perfect for those who are short on time and want to see as many amazing cases as possible!

Cover every examination station and clinical consultations
Candidates will be divided into pairs and tasked with examining patients in a layout designed to simulate the real exam.
You will see 16 high-yield cases covering every examination station as well as carry out clinical consultation stations. Candidates will spend 12 minutes with each patient.
Every patient is accompanied by a course examiner to provide you with extensive tailored feedback.
Mini-mock at the end of the day.

Comprehensive Course (Guy's Hospital)

4-Day dates: 22nd September and 6th October

This is perfect for those who want to see a greater variety of patients, spending more time on each case and get a really comprehensive overview of every station.

Cover absolutely every station in depth
Day 1 and 2:
You will be divided into pairs and encounter 40 high-yield cases covering every examination station, as well as engage in in-depth clinical consultation station teaching.

Candidates will spend approximately 12-15 minutes with each patient, and every patient will be accompanied by a course examiner who will provide detailed feedback.
Day 3:
A mock exam will be conducted to further prepare you.
Day 4:
This day is dedicated to virtual communication training, where candidates will learn about common scenarios (including navigating challenging DVLA regulations) and participate in 45 minutes of role play with an examiner.

Candidates will also receive recordings of their performance for further review.

Post-Course Support

Course book: 50 page book written by accomplished senior registrars and consultants which cover the key conditions that come up time and time again in PACES.
Exclusive webinars: access is reserved for course attendees only. Brush up on your skills in the build up to the exam
Group check-ins: you will be dicided into groups and assigned a faculty member with whom you can regularly touch base with for guidance
Networking opportunities: connect with fellow candidates and alumnus to support career development
1:1 mentorships: in the unfortunate circumstance where one fails, we will offer 1:2 guidance to get you up to scratch

feedback from our other course offerings

Success stories.

"Excellent course"

I attended the course a week before my exam. I passed my exam with excellent score. It was very well organised course, good cases, not too difficult but more focussed on common cases in exam. All cases had a tutor to guide us through our mistakes. It wasn't exhausting as well as we had adequate time between each case. Must recommended course for final revision. Thank you guys.

BitePACES (MRCP PACES course) Feedback
"Very intimate teaching experience"

A very well run course with brilliant signs and highly experienced teachers! Passed my exam! Thank you @BitePACES!

BitePACES (MRCP PACES course) Feedback
"Excellent preparation for the exam"

BitePACES is an excellent course to help prepare for the exam. The facilitators are approachable, knowledgable and great educators! Would definitely recommend

BitePACES (MRCP PACES course) Feedback
"Assessors taking time to teach about the main points"

Assessors taking time to teach about the main points after the exam / highlight missed things. The teaching during the rest stations was good as less time wasted.

BitePACES (MRCP PACES course) Feedback
"Excellent environment to learn"

Really well organised, most examiners were keen to teach and provide feedback. Lovely environment, no one was intimidating or disappointed, an excellent environment to learn

BitePACES (MRCP PACES course) Feedback

Much more focused, and the pairing aspect was super beneficial, especially with the rest stops between cases to debrief and discuss

BitePACES (MRCP PACES course) Feedback
"Exemplary clinical signs"

As a foundation doctor, I was exposed to a variety of new patients that I have never seen before. I was able to familiarise myself with the new format.

BitePACES (MRCP PACES course) Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know...
Why should I attend your course over other courses?
Having been on PACES courses before, we know that sometimes things can get a bit crowded with too many candidates and not enough instructors. At BitePACES, we pride ourselves on small group teaching with a patient and consultant / SpR focusing on your examination and viva. We offer flexibility. We offer an intensive 1-day course full of high-yield examination cases or a comprehensive 4-day course covering absolutely everything!
How many patients will I see and what feedback will I receive?
Our 1-Day Intensive Course covers all examination stations and clinical consultations. You'll interact with approximately 16 patients, each paired with a dedicated tutor for personalised feedback. Note: communication skills are not included in this course. Our 4-Day Comprehensive Course covers everything in depth! You'll see around 40 patients and receive detailed clinical consultation training. The fourth day is conducted virtually, focusing solely on communication skills through common role-play scenarios, complete with constructive feedback and recordings of your performance.
What are the different ticket types available?
You can either sign up for both our 1-day intensive or our 4-day comprehensive.
Do you have a refund policy or money back gurantee?
Requests for refunds received more than 4 weeks before the course will be given a full refund. Up until a week before the course date, half a refund will be provided upon request. No refunds will be given within 1 week of the course. For those who attend the course and aren't happy with the teaching, we will offer you your money back providing you submit your request within 48 hours with a valid reason!
What does post-course support involve?
We are committed to your success even after the course concludes. Our post-course support includes exclusive webinars, group check-ins with a faculty member, 1:1 mentorship if you do not pass the exam, and networking opportunities with our alumni and faculty!
Can I get a discount on group bookings?
Absolutely! If you want to book with a freind or a group, drop us an email at
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